one step back

About fifteen years ago I developed a bad case of bursitis in my left hip. If you've ever had bursitis (and most people get it in elbows and knees) you know how painful it can be. We never did figure out why I had it except that I had just started exercising on the stair stepper machine at the gym I went to after work. That was the only thing we could think of.

Fast forward to this past weekend and I have it again. I was climbing up and down a ladder a lot on Saturday, cleaning the walls of our screened porch, then the tile floor, trying to get the porch in shape for the summer. All very tiring and I felt a few twinges on Sunday and Monday but there was so much that needed to be done so I worked through. I thought it was my lower back. By Tuesday I could barely move; then it all came back to me — oh, no —bursitis.

I saw my doctor's physician's assistant on Wednesday for some anti-inflammatory meds and I'm going back this morning for a cortisone injection. But at least this time my doctor ordered xrays of my hip and is trying to find out why. Different doctor, different kind of doctor. I recently switched to a D.O. instead of an M.D. and I like that he tries to find the cause of problems rather than just prescribing medications to treat symptoms. Hopefully, I'll know more later today.

If you placed an order while I was laid up Tuesday and Wednesday, your package mailed yesterday. And I upgraded everyone to Priority, too. I'm working on everything else as quickly as I can.

An update on the fawn situation. I checked the next morning in the last place I saw it but it was gone. There was a regular little nest in the grass and I suspect it may have spent several days there before the cat attacked it and I first spotted it. But, on Wednesday morning I was looking out the window and saw the mother get up from the asparagus patch at the corner of our yard and walk up the bank behind it. Although I haven't been able to walk up there and haven't seen any more movement, I'm pretty sure the fawn is hidden there. Hopefully he's not getting a taste for asparagus :)


Anonymous said...

I have bursitis too. Please take care. I know how painful it can be. My prayers are with you.

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Oh yes I've had that horrible bursitis ... hope you get better quickly. I truly feel for you ...
TTFN ~ Marydon

AndreaLea said...

Hi! My uncle had a similar joint issue and now swears but CherryFlex supplement. Completely random recommendation and I have no relation to the company. :)

Melissa said...

Hi Janet-
I had hip bursitis so badly for years and it just kept getting worse to the point I could barely walk. My lower back also hurt. Had several cortisone shots over a course of 2 years and at first they helped, anti-inflam. drugs did nothing. Long story short....I had surgery last May for a bursi-ectomy and iliotibal band enlongation (the muscle over the bursa was stretched so tightly over the bursa that it was squeezing it between the band and the hip joint causing it to become extremely inflammed and would go down). I went to a sports orthopedic Dr. for the sugery. He said he only does 2 surgeries a year b/c it so rare, usually the anti-inflm. drugs/cortisone works. My hip feels great and my back feels wonderful!! I ride my bike 8.5 miles a day and walk with absolutely no pain! Good luck with your hip, I know how painful it can be.