hot hot hot

You know when it's so hot that the thought of eating anything makes you feel a bit nauseous? That's what it's been like here the past few days. In the 90s with not a hint of movement in the air. It's going to be like this for the rest of the week but with high humidity, too. Great (said with sarcasm).

Our house does not have air-conditioning and that's usually OK. It didn't used to get this hot in the summer except maybe for a week or so in August. And the house is perfectly designed for air circulation—every window has it's opposite in a direct line across the house—front to back and side to side. If we open the windows at night the cool air flows through the house; then we close them up after the sun fully rises to keep the cool air inside. That works pretty well, although not enough so I can work in my studio which is an attic-like space directly under the roof. I can be pretty portable so I'll move to another room for a few days.

Here's a picture from the brunch I served on Sunday. Banana bread, cranberry-orange scones, and a big bowl of fruit salad. We have leftover fruit and I think I can manage to eat some of that today.


Will post pictures of my vintage finds from my Saturday trip to the flea market over the next few days. I hope to get some photographing done later today.


Unknown said...

It's the same here in Cincy..sweltering. I have been trying to get my porches fixed up for weeks, but I can't breath once I'm out. We not only have heat emergency but air quality alert. We have Air at home and work, but I hate being couped up.
Sunday actually got to go to Lawrenceburg, Ind Antique Flea Market. Found a few things, Buttons for a quarter ea. I thought of ya as I chose em.
LOL, I was thinking if Janet was here they'd be 2 for a quarter probably;D

Sidney said...

we've been hoping for summer here in the Pacific Northwest. Rumor has it that temperatures in the 80's are headed our way.
Your brunch looks splendid!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Yes, ditto what Melody said. LOL
Its HOT here in Ohio. I was at the flea market this past weekend, but made sure to go early in the morning to try to beat the heat.

Can't wait to see what goodies you found.
Oh, and your brunch table looks lovely!

Stay cool