summer in a jar

I had plans to do some sewing today - there's a pile of tissue cozies and mini wallets on my work table that really need to get finished. But, it seems that I never got out of the kitchen. Although our vegetable garden is winding down we're still on overload with tomatoes and beets. Really, I got sick of looking at them all piled up on the counters and table. So, the beets got roasted in the oven, sliced, and topped with an orange sauce. Then bagged up for the freezer.

home canned salsa

And the tomatoes got turned into homemade salsa. This is the first time I tried salsa but it couldn't be easier. I used the Salsa Verde recipe on the Ball canning website and substituted red for green tomatoes. Ball makes salsa seasoning mixes, too, but I had a bunch of hot peppers here and I wanted to have some control over the taste (we like it spicy with lots of cilantro).

So, I peeled and seeded tomatoes, chopped red onions, and serrano and jalapeno peppers. Squeezed limes, chopped cilantro. Washed canning jars. Found the canning pot in the basement. Waited for the water to boil (I know better than to watch it). And finally got five jars of salsa cooling on my counter. And I'm happy to report that the lids popped so I'm positive they sealed. Yeah, canning is a lot of work. When I said the recipe was easy, I meant it, but the canning part takes some effort. Luckily, I have the supplies on hand since I've done a lot of canning in the past.

Can't wait to open these up in the middle of winter for a little taste of summer!


Dree said...

It's a lot of work, but it is so worth it. I actually find it very meditative!

The salsa looks delicious!

Lilac Barries said...

Looks delicious! I don't know if you've ever done this but salsa is a great addition to soups and chili's. Oh how I wish I had a garden so I could be canning. Hopefully next year

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

You're so handy...not just in the sewing room, but in the kitchen, as well!

The laundry bag I ordered from your website arrived yesterday. Wow...that was super-speedy shipping! I love the bag! It's just perfect as a liner in my vintage rolling shopping cart. (I wrote about it on my blog today.) Thank you Janet!!!