winding down

I don't know where this holiday season went - or this entire year for that matter - I just know that it happened much too quickly. We spent a quiet Christmas at home, much needed after the last minute rush of orders and post office runs, gift wrapping, tree decorating, and cookie baking. We're going out to dinner with friends tonight with drinks and gift exchange at our house beforehand. A nice way to finish out the year. We stopped going out on New Year's Eve years ago—honestly I'd rather sleep :)

It was a bit slow this year for Primrose Design and holiday orders were off a bit - I'm sure due to the economy. But I did pick up a few wholesale accounts this past year and hope to continue with that in the coming year. I got two catalog requests for shops in Mississippi and Texas this week so that gives me hope! And the shops where I sell now continue to be good venues for me.

I'll be working on cutting expenses, too, and switching web hosts will be part of that. I'm not looking forward to moving all the files (800-something at last count) but I can save a lot by doing it. The site will likely be kind of wonky while the switch is happening but I'll let you know ahead of time.

And I'll be moving some of my vintage things over to my Etsy shop to try for a wider audience. And unloading some things I've bought but don't plan to use. Part of my cleaning-up-the-studio efforts, which I'm also working on this week.

Since I haven't posted for two weeks I never said happy holidays (I never got to the Christmas cards either) so I'll send you best wishes now for the coming year. Happy New Year!


MomWaldsPlace said...

Wow, you have some exciting plans! Thanks for the Christmas thoughts, back at ya.

I use the free version of blogspot, and do not see anything on your blog that should cost more. I have two blogs on it (a public and a private) with no fees. It might be worth checking before hauling all that stuff.

Don't forget to breathe!

janet said...

I meant my website, not my blogs - those are already free :)

I host my graphic design website with a service that costs about a third of my Primrose site and they allow you to host several sites in that same space - as many as will fit in fact. So, I'm going to move Primrose there and my husbands website, too. We'll save hundreds of dollars and there shouldn't be any noticeable difference to visitors or shoppers. It's just a matter of moving the files and getting everything set up properly.