on a mission

I've been searching forever (OK, at least a year) for a small bookcase that's 16-18 inches wide that I can use upstairs, either next to the bed or in the hallway outside the bedroom. Yes, we have too many books and our downstairs shelves are overflowing.

It really holds quite a lot for being so small!

Surprisingly hard to find. But I did last Saturday at the antique mall. It's very simple, mission style, with four shelves and just 17 inches wide (and 8 inches deep). And it fits exactly in the space between two door frames in the hallway. It's in pretty good shape with the paint worn down in places (I'm going to repaint it anyway) and slightly wobbly (a strategically placed nail should fix that). The booth seller was having a 20% off sale so I got it for $24!

shelf top
On top are a green pottery bowl, two watercolor wildflower prints, some vintage keys, and a small book of humorous essays (which I'll blog about soon).

I've filled it with books for now until I figure out what color to paint it. And until it's actually warm enough to paint.

This vintage hand-carved shelf with mirror back is hanging on the wall above. On it are a vintage-style bird, a favorite quote, and a vintage rhinestone pin with turquoise stones. You can't tell I love turquoise, can you?


Julie said...

That shelf needs to be painted turquoise:) It will look beautiful filled with books and a pop of color.

Summer said...

Hmmm Looks to me that you got a bargain ....I like the rustic look though ....where is your antique shop ....It also looks to me that you enjoy a good book now and then

janet said...

Summer, this was the Quaker Antique Mall from last weekend. And yes, books are a big part of my life. I try to get a bit of reading in every day, mostly library books these days, and sometimes for just a few minutes at night before I fall asleep if I've had a busy day.

MomWaldsPlace said...

The little shelf with the bird is charming, and your vignette is delightful.