Summer Porches

I have such wonderful memories of sitting with my grandmother on her front porch, sipping lemonade and watching the hummingbirds visiting the honeysuckle that grew up the lattice and over the railings.

And I've been fortunate over the years since to have porches on most of the apartments and houses I've rented. They were often small, sometimes tiny, but if they were big enough for a chair and some pots of herbs I was happy.

Part of the reason I decided to buy the house I bought 3 years ago is the screened porch that runs along the back of the house. We added a tile floor which is cool on our feet in the summer and easy to clean. You'll find all of the houseplants there on summer vacation from their usual homes and a comfy hammock that is the perfect place to read and dream on hot afternoons.

My cats love to curl up on the twig bench with the barkcloth pillows I made. It's the perfect vantage point for bird and chipmunk watching, and for sleeping, too.

So, here's to lazy days and hammocks and porches. Happy summer!


Gina E. said...

Hi Janet,
I was tickled pink to have your comment on Patra's Place! I have added you to my Favorites list and will shortly be adding you and a few more to my blog sidebar. It is great to find others who love antique linens like I do; I visited your website and love those southern belle pillowslips! I couldn't find the vintage aprons you mentioned here - which section are they in? I have read your recent posts here, and you mention the revival in aprons. Have you seen the Blog "Tie One On"? If not, check it out - it is a link on my side bar if you can't find them.
I see you are a cat lover too...there are millions of us out there, it seems!

janet said...

I think I may have found you through the tie one on blog. I was there checking out the latest contest and thinking about what I could do for pink lemonade. I found out about it too late to participate last month. My vintage aprons are in the kitchen section, which is a subsection of home decor. When I changed my design recently I didn't fix the navigation bar link - that may be why you're having trouble finding it.

I'll add you to my blog sidebar, too!

Gina E. said...

Janet, I have found your aprons now - thank you! You have some real treasures among them; the stitched used do decorate the red gingham one is called "Chicken Scratch" - highly collectable at the moment! Check Chloe's Place and Tie One On for more about it.

mlwhitt said...

Such cute cates!!! Awwwwww.

Anonymous said...

Your cats are beautiful. Is the fellow on the right an ocicat? I love that breed. They have great personalities; friendly and outgoing (from my experience of them, anyway).

janet said...

Nope, they're both bengals. I don't know about the breed in general but ours aren't especially friendly, not even with us. Lap cats, they're not. And they're both girls!