Shades of White

I’ve been selling at a wonderful little shop in Stevensville (Bradford County, Pennsylvania) called Shades of White. Owned by Monika Kennedy, it’s located in a cute space attached to her home. You walk along a path of lavender and flowers to reach the front door and you can hear the bells tied around the necks of the goats that her husband raises. (And there are 18 new babies this spring!) There’s often a line of vintage linens on the clothesline drying in the sun. Inside it’s filled to the brim with beautiful things—mostly vintage linens but some clothing, sachets, soaps, and china, too. It’s not a large space (just one big room), but she manages to fill every space perfectly.

When she called me a couple of weeks ago to place an order for sachets, she said I could ship them if I wanted to. But, the weather is nicer now, and I was up for a road trip, so I said that I’d deliver them in person. My ulterior motive in this is that she always has wonderful surprises for me – some bits of lace, a few pretty buttons, some vintage fabric that she picked up in her travels. I bought that small bluebird plate – the one I used to announce my spring collection – there last fall.

So, I thought I’d post some pictures of the shop. Don’t you just love everything and the way she’s arranged it?

That's one of my pillows at the top.

I think many of us have dreams of opening a shop of our own – I know I do. Of course, we’re thinking of the romantic side of things – how we would decorate the space and arrange products, what kinds of things we’d buy to sell. Not the bookkeeping and taxes and all the behind-the-scenes stuff. But, if I did have a shop, this is how I’d want it to look – a happy mix of pretty things!

Shades of White, RR1 Box 20A (Route 706), Stevensville, PA 18845. Hours: Wednesday 11-3, Friday & Saturday 11-6


carrie s. said...

Wow - that is so beautiful, and exactly how MY shop would look! Big surprise, right?

tlchang said...

What an enchanting place! (and your stuff fits in perfectly). I'm glad you got to visit in person.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful shop...oh how i wish we had something like that here in town. your pillow is just lovely!

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Your work is beautiful! Cute blog!