We get to see these wonderful studios, - how about not showing our own, but choose among the great studios we know about now? Tell us a little about why you like this studio, what you would like to do if you could work there for a day as it was your own, and, - if it is so, - you have learned from this studio/ artist? ~ mereteveian

amy hamilton studio
©Tara Sgroi (photo)

This is the home studio of millinery designer Amy Hamilton. I clipped this picture from a magazine several years ago (Country Living, I think) and have it saved in one of my scrapbooks. It's a separate room off the kitchen of her old farmhouse in Ohio.

I love how clean and white it is. And I'm seriously crushing on those shelves along the righthand wall. Would I be more organized if I had shelves like that? Probably not, but this is a dream, isn't it? I bet when she's working and the studio isn't cleaned up for picture-taking, that her studio is messy, too.

A quote from the accompanying article—

"I have this old wall of post-office cubbies filled with trims... At night, I start putting together colors and textures. I'll develop an idea and the next day, while the children are in school. I'll actually make the hat."

Although we work in totally different areas, her process is very similar to my own. I gather materials for a project, then let them sit overnight (and sometimes longer), walking past a few times and checking whether I still like the combination. If I decide it's not working, it doesn't go any further than that. If I still like it the next day, then it's good to go.

I picture myself in this studio with the sun streaming in the window and my fabrics all organized in their cubbyholes. I reach behind me for the perfect fabrics and embellishments. My work is simple and clean and my mind is uncluttered with stray thoughts and worries. I'm totally focused on the process of creating. Somebody pinch me :)

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Tracie said...

Wow what a fantastic idea! I love how you pull things and mull them over a day or so. I sorta do that but it is more like several minutes (as I scrapbook and layout everything on the pages before I actually adhere them).

Sounds like a fantastic dream studio for you!

charlotte said...

you know I have those cubbies and what happens is that the back of them gets buried, the front is all styled and I don't know where to put the stuff while I redo. so it's this cute wall of vignettes or a wall of messy tangle. I want her studio too because it probably comes with a barn of storage elsewhere! stay warm! xoC

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a gorgeous studio. We are building a home extension soon and I so want some space for a sewing room...clear the mess in my living room finally!!
I would love you to check out my blog...www.vintagefilm.typepad.com

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will go through....I tried to post on Saturday for Studio Friday but blogger wouldn't let me :(

Anyway, I love that photo, too. Those shelves would be a dream.

Anonymous said...

my craft room never looks this good---it's a nice fantasy I guess!

Jen Kershner said...

Absolute perfection! I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for sharing it. Jen