Mondays are for washing

I've always been fascinated by the idea of day-of-the-week towels, or D.O.W. as they're often called. Did women really change their towels every morning?

Each towel depicts a household chore and the day of the week that corresponded to that particular chore rarely varied. The day for baking sometimes switches with shopping (Thursdays and Saturdays seem to be interchangeable) and perhaps that was a regional variation. But Sundays are always go to church or rest. And Mondays are always wash day.

Wash Day

Was there a rule that you had to do your chores on exactly those days? Who decided that? And were you considered a rebel if you mixed up the order? I could picture myself as a frustrated housewife getting some small satisfaction out of using a Saturday towel on Tuesday. So, there!

It just seems so silly. But the designs are wonderful. One of the new pillows I've just completed uses a Monday towel that features a cute kitty sorting her laundry—rather messily. When I found the laundry-themed fabric I just knew it would be perfect for this pillow.

laundry-themed fabric

Since I had to embroider this anyway I could work with colors to match. And remember those vintage French buttons I bought a couple of years ago from an Ebay seller in Paris? The blue and white ones look kind of like the soap bubbles in the fabric. How cute is that?

soap bubble buttons

Happy Monday! And you do have laundry to do, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Love the pillow!!! I use to do laundry on Mondays only but now I seem to throw a load in every day. :)

MaMa said...

I love the pillow, too. I think it's too cute & very vintage looking.

Diane Gilleland said...

Adorable pillow! There is no way I could have ever adhered to a strict weekly schedule for chores. My ability to think of something I'd rather do, plus my lack of household discpline, always win. :-)

Claire said...

The cushion is so sweet. I love the old days of the week - I have been making things out of them too and I clearly remember it being a family tradition that Monday was wash day. Loved the smell of all the soap and clean washing!

Anonymous said...

Oh! How I want that pillow! Being on a tight budget is the pits! We are paying two mortgages right now (probably too much information...sorry) or I would buy that in a heart beat! If it sells really soon, do you think you might make another one if Santa Claus (my husband) special ordered it for me?
The absurd part of this is that I make pillows too but I always want yours instead and I would never ever copy you, so I'll just keep buying more (as soon as our house sells that is!

Camilla said...

I seem to do laundry on Mondays, it gives me a few days for it to dry on the line before I need to have something clean to wear at the weekend (when I might possibly be seen in public). In fact i've just done a load of laundry right now- so this post is perfectly timed.

Good to see more posts from you- and that you are using those cute buttons!

Sweetness and Light said...

This is so right on, I'm sure I would have been an outcast :) I'm so excited to have found some delightful Sun bonnet Sue DOW embroidery patterns, awaiting their arrival any day!!

Anonymous said...

The pillow is fabulous and I love the button and fabrics you used with the adorable embroidery.

Yep, Mondays are laundry days for me, too, and mine is all done--makes me feel so organized.

weirdbunny said...

In Wales within the mining communities washday was always Saturday. This is because the work clothes of the week were washed on that day, Sunday best to be worn on Sunday, and then you had your clean work clothes to wear on Monday straight through to Friday.

For me routine and structure don't actually go hand in hand, just chaoas for household chores !

Anonymous said...

That is an adorible pillow!

Anonymous said...

I love those day-of-the-week towels...so adorable!

It's kind of fantastic to think about only having ONE chore to do on any given day...you can at least not feel guitly about piling-up laundry if it's clearly shopping day, right?

Anonymous said...

oh, gee that is such a sweet pillow. I've been embroidering & making pillows again...I used to do them for gifts years ago, but then I became a new mother and had no time.
Where did you get that adorable fabric? Is it vintage or new? One of my faves that I made for a baby girl was the Three Kittens washing their mittens embroidery matched with a reproduction of the kittens fabric...so cute.

janet said...

You know, I'm not exactly sure where I bought the laundry fabric but it is new, not vintage. I mostly buy fabric at Jo-Ann or online at Hancock's of Paducah. I only have a small piece left that says "Our Family" on the selvedge, so I don't even know who manufactured it. I wish I'd bought more of it!

A Servant of the King said...

Hi! I just happened upon your blog and it is really sweet.

I do have set days to do chores and Mondays are for laundry. I don't know how true this is but in an old children's book called "The Pilgrims' Party" the author says that on Monday the Pilgrim mothers came ashore to wash to their dirty clothes and "ever since then, Monday has been washday in America."

Your pillow is very cute!