Road Trip: Weil Antique Center

For the second year, the Weil Antique Center has featured a special sale during the second week of October with most dealers offering 10 to 40% off their regular prices. And, if you're on their mailing list, they send you a postcard that's good for an additional 5% off everything that costs more than $15. And that makes October a great time to stop by. Housed in an old factory, there are 150 booths and it's a great place to find what are called "smalls" in the antique business. Small things like jewelry, linens, china, purses, and vintage toys. But don't worry—there's plenty of big stuff, too!

I bought too much stuff to show in one blog post, so check back after I get more things photographed. But I wanted to show you my coolest find from the trip. I paid $5 for a box of vintage flash cards!

flash cards

You may have seen these around lately. The Sundance catalog is selling them framed with the words forming funny sayings. Like (picture these as stacked cards)...



Too funny. And, at $150 to $225, out of my price range. My cards are mostly nouns so they don't lend themselves to making phrases or sayings quite as easily. But mine have pictures and theirs don't. So there! Here are a few quick attempts :)



I'll show more of my finds in a few days!

Weil Antique Center, 2200 31st Street SW, Allentown, PA 18103


Anonymous said...

That actually gives me some ideas! I love those flash cards framed.

And hey, when can I have some specially soaked lace you said I could buy? Is it STILL soaking? :)

lisa {milkshake} said...

Ooooh, love those! I wish I were closer to Allentown...

Junie Moon said...

The cards are really cute. I love the Sundance catalog but most of the things I like in it are priced beyond what I feel comfortable spending.

pedalpower said...

Yours are much cuter...can't wait to see what you do with them!

kari and kijsa said...

Great job! we loved those ones in Sundance- and think, that with your great creative juices flowing, you will top them!
kari & kijsa

weirdbunny said...

I love flash cards they so remind me of when I was little - great find !

~L~ said...

I ADORE vintage flash cards and these take the cake.