a quiet Easter

I'm not doing anything special today to celebrate Easter. We ate dinner out with friends last night and it's kind of chilly so not a good day for working outside (although I'm just dying to get out to the garden—I know it's too early but there's so much to be done). So I've been spending a quiet day at home photographing products and updating my website. I've added a bunch of new pillows, including two made from linens I found on my New England trip last September.

This one uses the embroidered pillowcase I found at the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in Connecticut. I'm looking forward to returning there this summer, too.

And this one uses an embroidered towel found at The Buggy Whip Factory in Southfield, Massachusetts. I didn't find a lot of linens there but I did find other cool things so I'd probably return there, too, if I was in the area.

Speaking of vacations I'm not sure where we're headed this year—maybe Maryland. I haven't been to Baltimore in forever and Havre de Grace is supposed to be good for antiques. Flying is so expensive and too much hassle these days so I'm happy to do a driving trip, especially if it's relatively close. Gas isn't cheap either!

Hope you're all having a nice holiday!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Those are gorgeous!

One of my favorite memories is when my daughter and I went to the May Brimfield (Mass.) flea market.

It is loaded with great buys. We didn't go through the part where you had to pay to get in but as it was, we didn't make it through 1/4th of the free section before we were out of money and energy. :)

You've probably already been there but if you haven't check it out. My daughter told me she thought their May flea market was the best (they also have July and September).

I believe they have a website.

Meg said...

i adore the first pillow. its so dainty and elegant!

Anonymous said...

I love polka dots and the first pillow is so cute and cheerful!

Junie Moon said...

What beautiful pillows and, as always, you've done an exquisite job.

We have three vacation trips planned this year and the flight expenses (and accompanying aggravations) are making me wish we could just stay home.

Marcia said...

Both of the pillows are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Your pillow cases are so nice. I just started embroidery and your bog has been most helpful.

Thank you and take care.


Anonymous said...

Your pillows are so beautiful! The work you do is very inspiring... maybe oneday:D

JoeyJoJo said...

Hi Janet. I just found you through Posie gets cosy.
Your pillows are just lovely.
I too make cushions but very different to yours and from the other side of the pond.
Lots of love from Norfolk UK.

Julie said...

Those are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those are adorable!