what a difference a day makes

Not quite an "after" picture yet but we're making progress. The stone walkway is in...

garden walk

A few plants have been added. And a bench.

garden walk

I bought the bench for half price at a fancy garden center north of Indianapolis years ago and have been lugging it around ever since. It's been used on the porch of every apartment I've lived in that had a porch. It was in storage for a while. And I think I may have used it as a couch (a very hard one) at one point. It's been in several locations since we bought this house but never one where it "fit" so perfectly.

Next up is a trip to the English garden center in a town nearby. We still have lots of holes to fill!

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Wendy said...

Oh, those stones are gorgeous. I'm such a sucker for hardscaping.

Really really beautiful work!