we have a winner

And the winner of the Bucilla towel set is Anna S. (annasoc) who wrote about doing embroidery on her way to work via public transportation. Kudos for helping the environment by not driving if that's possible where you live. Needlework can be a great portable project and, while my journey to work these days consists of walking downstairs to my computer, I always take a small project with me to doctor appointments, on car trips, or anywhere I know I'm going to be waiting.

I loved reading about how some of you learned embroidery from your mothers and grandmothers (as I did) and how you're passing it on to your daughters. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned but I'd hate to see skills like these disappear.

And I think I may have embroidered a few peace signs on my jeans, too, back in the day :)

Remember that tomorrow is the last day to order on my website for guaranteed holiday delivery. I'll be upgrading all shipping to Priority to make sure packages get there in time for Christmas. But, even if you run out of time, you can still use your discount code (HOLIDAY) for 20% off until the end of the month. Buy a present for yourself! Shipping is free at my Etsy shop and I still have some tissue cozies and mixed bags of buttons available—both are great stocking stuffers!


Anonymous said...


Congrats, Anna S.!

janet said...

I'm sorry :(

I wish all of you could win. But I promise I'll do more giveaways in the future. Around Valentine's Day might be a good time. I have some really cute valentine-themed hankies and I sometimes make heart-shaped sachets.

Anonymous said...

Awww. Please don't feel bad, Janet. : )

annasoc said...

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much, Janet. This will be my next bus/metro project. I will send you a picture when it is finished. I've made so many wonderful things on my commute: needlepoint pillow kits from my mom, a four-panel reverse applique skirt from the Alabama Stitch book (couldn't do the cutting on the train though), simple knitted scarves, and embroidered leaves and stems on an old pilled red sweater and then sewed vintage buttons for the flower parts. I should send you a picture of that too. It was my attempt to "Anthropoligize" something that probably should have gone in the giveaway pile, but it really got a second lease on life with my "improvements."
Anna Socrates.
I'll send you my e-mail address offline.

Alberta Art Classes said...

Yea for Anna! Sad for me... thanks for the giveaway though!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winner! I missed the contest 'cuz I was, alas, embroidering away on Christmas gifts. lol.
I do have a question that I need help with...being a lefty it is hard to follow needlework directions (my brain gets mixed up or something - forget crochet), but I finally managed to do a blanket stitch. I know, sounds crazy since I've been embroidering for years, but I always just do outline stitch on transferred images. Now, I am making little felted ornaments using the blanket stitch to hold the front to the back...but, my starting stitch always looks weird...and, when I run out of floss and start again it looks weird (the rest looks great!) What am I doing wrong?

thanks, I always love coming to your blog!
Happy Holidays!

janet said...

Not crazy at all Tammy. You can use outline for 90% of most embroidery and that's what most people start with. As for your blanket stitch problem, can you define weird? I'm wondering if you aren't starting the stitch inside (is the felt in two layers?) but I'm having trouble picturing what the problem looks like. I know I usually have problems starting if I haven't done the stitch for a while but I may have to do a few myself to see what you're talking about.

Margaret said...

Congrats Anna and thank you Janet. I love your blog.

Merry Christmas