holiday aprons

As you know I've been busy stocking my web site with goodies for holiday shopping. This morning I added twelve vintage aprons including three with holiday themes. One features a jazzy print with trees and colored dots on a black background:


Another is white with a border print of holly and poinsettias:


Just a quick interruption to direct you to Georgia Peachez's blog for some photos of her gorgeous holiday fabric collection. I'm loving the use of pink with the reds and greens.

gold starMy embroidery fans are going to love the third apron. It's heavy white linen with a cross stitch tree, bells, and holly. And there are several cool details. At the top of the tree and bottom of the bells, a rhinestone "jewel" was added. And there's nice use of gold metallic thread—actually it's more like very skinny ribbon. I haven't really talked about ribbon embroidery but you can embroider with anything that fits through the hole of your needle. Wide ribbon makes for some great three-dimensional effects!

embroidered tree
The whole tree

French knots, lazy daisy leaves, and a rhinestone jewel.

The ribbon has been fastened down with couching.

All are for sale on my website. And don't forget your discount code "HOLIDAY" if you do decide to buy.


Anonymous said...

Okay seriously how freaking cute is the tree?! I'm in love with it! I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to have to see if I can't make a pattern out of that image.. would that be okay?

~Amy Rose~

janet said...

It's OK with me, and I'm probably going to do the same thing. I suspect this was from a kit but I don't know who published it or how old it is. And, yes, it's definitely freaking cute :)

Anonymous said...

So much inspiration.
So little time.

JZ in VA

mamaraby said...

Love the embroidery on the apron!