First off, happy new year! I didn't do anything special to celebrate—in fact, I fell asleep before midnight so I missed the whole thing. You'll see as you get older—sleep is more important than staying up late partying :)

I'm not big on resolutions. It's easy to make them but much harder to actually keep them. Been there before.

Last year I resolved to do my bookkeeping at the end of every month and I actually followed through. This was an easy one to keep. I just thought back to the end of March last year and how many hours I spent trying to track down what I paid for something or how many miles I drove to that antique mall. Except for December's, which I'm in the process of doing now, every month is in a folder and done! And that's going to make my taxes so much easier to prepare for.

This year I'm going to be smarter with purchasing supplies. Buying in bulk really does save, although you shouldn't buy more than you have room to store or be able to use up. Take packaging materials. I often run down to Staples when I need mailing envelopes but it's much cheaper to buy them in larger quantities from a company like Uline. I already buy lavender in 15.5 pound bags and last year I began cutting that with buckwheat hulls to keep costs down. All of which keeps me from having to raise my prices.

What else? I've felt kind of guilty about some of the comments from readers who say they stop here every day to read. Because I haven't been blogging every day and I haven't done a Stitch School post in months (in the blogging world that's forever). I'll try to do better.

And, I'll make the same resolution that everyone makes—to eat more healthfully and to exercise more. I used to say I was too busy but now that I work at home that excuse just doesn't cut it anymore :)

Now I'm off to my studio to continue with the big cleanup I started last week. I've thrown out two big bags of stuff so far and it's looking better already!


Debi said...

Janet dear,
Good luck with your resolutions my dear! It is nice to know that I am not the only one making some for 2009! I am going to try harder to eat better... and lose weight!

I stopped by to let you know that you have been tagged for 2009! You are my first!
God Bless you dear!


annasoc said...

Dear Janet,
Happy New Year to you.
Good resolutions. I am resolving to "spend less and make more (things not money)" and to "eat less and move more" (i.e., the old healthful eating and exercise resolution.) I want to say thank you for the embroidery towels (I actually have all the necessary colors in my stash) and I love the two country aprons. I used to have a dress with the same dutch girl fabric when I was a little girl, so I get a warm and nostalgic feeling looking at that apron.
Best to you in 2009.

mascanlon said...

Oh what good ideas...lol, I just wrote those down myself. Happy New Year Janet.

charlotte said...

happy new year, Janet! wishing you a cozy 2009 with lots of thread and time to play. xoC

Deb said...

Janet this bad weather has happened in so many areas lucky for your forethought made life easier. Your 3 car garage is a dream that any man would love to have..even a quilters studio??LOL.
Yes I understand about RR#1 and such and having an address will make life easier in the long run. Good luck on your New Year resolutions..be careful walking out there.