shopping trip

What do you do when you wake up on a Saturday morning and it's minus twelve degrees outside? Go shopping, of course! Hey, it was warmer in my car than in my house :)

Actually I had planned this trip earlier in the week. For some reason, since around Christmas, I've been selling tons of vintage buttons. And I do mean tons. I'd had an order that was so big it filled one of those flat-rate boxes and cleaned out about half the buttons on my website. So, I really needed to get some new inventory. Luckily, one of my favorite vendors at an antique mall about an hour away had lots of new stuff so I easily replenished my supply. That and the two auctions I won on Ebay should keep me in buttons for a while. At least I hope so. Now to get them sorted, photographed, priced, and listed. This is going to take a while so don't look for new listings until next week at the earliest.

I also found some cute aprons and linens, some of which have petit point embroidery like I talked about a few weeks ago. So, I'll leave you with some eye candy today. I have a custom embroidery job to get started on so I'm heading into my studio for the day.

petit point rooster
A petit point rooster in bright colors from a set of six ivory linen cocktail napkins

petit point violets
A petit point clump of violets and matching border from a vintage handkerchief

bonnet girls
A dresser scarf with designs on both ends—cross stitch girls in red bonnets with orange and red French knot flowers


KR said...

oooh those are so beautiful! I can understand the run on buttons - last year about this time I spent about $60 on vintage buttons. Maybe there's something in the air in January. :) It seems to be a creative month anyway - I know I've sure been busy and inspired :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your embroidery stitch lessons, they are very good. Thanks so much for sharing them.