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I've mentioned before that I have several customers who buy buttons to make jewelry. And that I'm fascinated by button jewelry and, really, anything unusual and different made from buttons. I met another button jewelry artist this past weekend—Judy Perilstein from Pequea, Pennsylvania—at the flea market I attended and bought a bracelet from her.

She named this "Get Fresh" and I love how she's combined buttons with beads and sea shells to create something that reminds me very much of what you'd see spilling from a treasure chest in a pirate movie—a jumble of seemingly disparate elements that somehow work together.

Queen Anne's Bracelet by Round Two Jewelry

I'm also coveting her simpler Queen Anne's Bracelet made from white and cream-colored vintage pearl buttons on an elastic band. It's available at her Etsy shop—Round Two Jewelry. She has several bracelets for sale that are similar to the one I bought but in different color combinations along with gorgeous necklaces featuring larger antique and vintage buttons. I'm happy to recommend her work—and I'm pretty picky when it comes to buying jewelry!

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The Beading Gem said...

Excellent find! I also share your fascination with button jewelry and have featured various artisans on my blog.