strawberry time

Wow, can you believe it's July already? Maybe it's because it doesn't feel like July weather wise—too much rain, not enough heat. Most of our garden is doing OK (at least I don't have to water it) but I was right about the strawberries—they never did very well. We got some but nowhere near the usual quantity. It was just too wet.

Luckily we have Pallman Farms in Clarks Summit, a wonderful place to pick your own strawberries! Since I'm still recovering from my bursitis, climbing around in a 10-acre strawberry field wasn't really an option, so I took advantage of the fact that they sell them already picked as well. This is actually the second batch I've bought—last week's eight quarts were either eaten (homemade ice cream and strawberry sponge cake) or in the freezer (put them in a single layer on a tray in the freezer until they're hard, then put them in freezer bags). Since it's raining again today (sigh), I'll be indoors preparing this new batch. But think how wonderful they'll be next winter, like a little taste of summer!


The cat is a stray I've been feeding since earlier this spring. I've hesitated to introduce him because I'm afraid he'll disappear as mysteriously as he arrived. He does go away occasionally for a few days here and there (I say he's gone walkabout) but he always shows up again. I've named him Little Bear because he looks like a mini version of the black bears we've seen so much of this spring. He's very sweet and well-mannered and obviously had a home at some point. My husband thinks someone dropped him off in the country to fend for himself, something I think is very sad. The average lifespan of a cat "on the street" is something like four or five years—it's tough out there. I do have to keep him outdoors (my cats hate him) but he's managed to find sheltered areas to hang out and knows I'm good for free meals.

Pallman Farms, 1511 Summit Lake Road, Clarks Summit, PA 18411


Anonymous said...

Cute kitty!
I went strawberry picking last Saturday. We ended up with 12lbs! I made 3 batches of jam, strawberry muffins, and will be having some strawberry shortcake tomorrow. I love fresh strawberries, too. 1
Will you be making any jam? Or freezing the rest?

Home Deconomics said...

I bought a flat of strawberries at the last farmers market I worked. SO sweet! Nothing like local berries, is there? this weekend I'm going through all my canning and preserving books for berry recipes, buy and pick more berries and have preserving party! Yay summer!

blushing rose said...

Our strawberry 'patch' is nearly done for the season. They are so delicious right off the plants. TTFN ~Marydon

Unknown said...

That Kitty knew just who's house to go to. Maybe your other furry kids'll get used to him.
Yummmm. Love the aroma and color of fresh strawberries....my kitchen motif is strawberries! But, I'm allergic!!! If I pick I break out..too much citric acid. I can eat a couple...lol...with chocolate (must counteract the allergic properties..hehe)
Have a berry nice day!

Deb said...

hey those sure do look good. Mom and I just canned 6 dozen freezer jams..well mom I washed the dishes. Little bear is cute and yes well aware of the life span of outdoor kitties. Little bear has it made though.. just have to watch for the other kitties.