Road Trip: Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

We arrived at Roller Mills, a three-story antique mall in a restored 1880s flour mill, about 10:30 am to find that, contrary to what it states on their website and signage, they don't open until 11:00. We ran into a lady in the parking lot who told us this and it would have been nice to know so we could better plan our 2-hour drive. But, she told us to drive down the street to check out the flea market and that was great advice.

vintage buttons
Plastic flowers, carded silver-rimmed, and cool 1950s polka dot fabric-covered buttons.

Named The Street of Shops and located in a restored historic woolen mill, the upstairs features a row of shops selling country crafty things (if you're into that kind of thing; I'm not) and the downstairs is a flea market with a weird mix of stuff—some kitschy knick-knacks and collectibles and some vintage and antiques. I found tons of buttons, a few hankies, and a sealed package of cotton pillowcases from the 50s for $4 (love that vintage cotton!). The back had rooms of furniture, all for amazing prices. If I ever open a shop of my own I'll keep this in mind for shop display furniture. Still coveting that painted iron 3/4-size bed but I had no way to fit it in the car!

Doesn't this look like it was made from a berry basket?

Back at Roller Mills, I found more buttons, the birdhouse shown here, and an old feedsack baby dress with red trims—rick rack, prairie points, and manufactured flower ribbon. I seriously considered an antique free-standing chalkboard with rolling pictures in the top panel but, at $85, it was a bit much to spend for something I don't really need.

feedsack dress
Click through to my Flickr page for a larger version and a closeup photo of the detail.

We were disappointed to find that the town itself was virtually shut down on Sundays—something to think about if you want to do any shopping along the main street. We weren't sure we could even find a place to eat a late lunch but stumbled across a gem in the Lewisburg Hotel. We would have been happy with a sandwich or salad, but the dinner menu looked so good that we opted for an early dinner instead. I wasn't looking forward to cooking after the drive anyway, and it turned out to be a good decision because we were stuck in traffic on Rt. 80 forever and got home much later than we thought we would.

On the way out of town we stopped at the Silver Moon Antique Mall, which has changed locations since my last trip here. It's smaller with less antiques and more collectibles, but I found more buttons, some aprons (including two from feedsack), and this gorgeous blue sewing basket with woven sides and floral decal on top ($15). There are even some usable buttons and trims inside!

sewing basket

sewing basket

It was a long day, but it's nice to revisit places you haven't been back to for a while. Pennsylvania is such a large state that you often have to do a bit of trekking to find the good stuff.

All Lewisburg, PA 17837:
Lewisburg Hotel, 136 Market Street
Street of Shops (first-floor flea market), 100 N. Water Street
Roller Mills Antique Center, 517 St. Mary Street
Silver Moon Antique Mall, 150 Silvermoon Lane (2 miles north on Rt 15)


Niesz Vintage Home said...

ooohhhh, Great buttons! And that little dress and the sewing basket...so sweet.

I haven't been to PA in so long. I remember finding some wonderful treasures, though. I think its time for a road trip. :-)



It does sound like you had a fun day in spite of it not being as planned and not everything open--and it sounds like you found some great treasures--enjoy--hugs, Di

Unknown said...

Looks like we'll need to take another little ride over to Pa. We went a few years ago and ended up in Upper Middelsex. We had the same luck you did...most places were closed on Sun.
You found some really great vintage things.
.....Friends stitched together bu embroidery threads.....Melody

Four O'Clock Quilt Company said...

I'm going to the Pittsburgh area next month, I wish I could go!

Cheryl said...

Lewisburg was always one of our stops on Rt 15 going from Baltimore to Rochester. I love that place! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

tammy said...

Such a cute dress...I'd hang it on the wall or a peg just to look at. Great deal on the sewing basket. I've been looking for one of those forever and they are waaay too pricey.

Conor Quinlan said...

I stumbled upon your site while searching for lewisburg pa web design as i was testing how my own company was ranking. Loved your comments about Lewisburg. It amazed me to see how many people love their stops in our little town. I mentioned your site to the owners of The Steel Fork. They have bought your stuff before and I bet your items would fit well on their site. You definitely have alot of talent. Plan to show this site to my wife once she gets home as she loves to shop on smaller sites like this and Etsy all the time.

Conor Quinlan
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Florin said...

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