pancakes + jelly = fun

Wow! I always thought this was something my mother invented herself. Whenever I've mentioned to anyone in conversation that I used to eat pancakes layered with grape jelly they've looked at me like I was crazy. Now I have proof that such a thing existed and was called a jelly stack!

I found this ad while going through a pile of 1960s women's magazines that I've had hanging around for a couple of years. I'm trying to clean up my studio a bit and thought I'd go through them and pull out the good bits for future reference.

jelly stack

My mom would have read these magazines (Better Homes & Gardens, McCalls, Ladies Home Journal) and many of the recipes for the casseroles we ate as kids came from their pages. I've already mentioned the dreaded spam and canned salmon concoctions, but some of the recipes were actually pretty good! Of course, I moved on from grape jelly long ago so I might substitute cherry or peach jam today. It sounds like a nice change from maple syrup.


Jovita said...

Well I don't quite stack them that high. But since I do like maple syrop (unless it's on hot corn bread) I always put jam on my cakes (or apple sauce) ... You go on an enjoy that stack!

Unknown said...

That is an old Bisquick recipe I've seen vintage Bisquick pamphlet cookbooks with it in. I also have a reproduction Farmhouse Cookbook that is from the depression era that includes a recipe for that. And.....we can't forget the old timey mountain fixins of Stack Cake using jellies or Applestack Cake. I think it was a regional thing, or, maybe used by folks who could only afford to use what was on hand, but it sure is good...how ever you stack it....sorry, sorry..I couldn't resist. I'm gone now. ;)

smalltownme said...

It looks tasty. I would always take cold leftover pancakes, sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar and roll them up. I loved the crunch of the sugar.

LeeAnn Stebbins said...

My Mom, who was born in 1939, ate her pancakes this way growing up. Cheaper than maple syrup!

Rois said...

My great grandma always made Birthday Pancakes,I am sure it came from living way out on the N.Dakota prairie where supplies were more limited.
She stacked pancake's with butter,brown sugar and cinnamon until she had how many high she wanted then she pour maple syrup over the whole thing.She then cut it like a cake.
My boys always ask for Birthday Pancake on their birthday morning.

Kathy said...

Love pancakes, will have to give it a try.