hen party

Speaking of birds, I recently listed a new embroidery pattern on my website. Called Gossip Girls, it's a design taken from a vintage stamped-for-embroidery clothespin apron, and it features two hens—one in a polka dot bonnet, the other in an apron—gossiping over a fence. Such a cute design and one I hadn't seen before. Eventually I'll get to embroidering the original apron (found on Ebay) but I traced the pattern right away!

gossip girls

I've also added the option of purchasing my patterns as PDFs instead of printed copies. It's always been a problem for international customers to order patterns because the shipping can be outrageously high—often more than the pattern itself. It also solves the problem of being able to use the patterns over again—you can just print out a new copy. All you need to view and print the files is Adobe Acrobat Reader and you can download it for free here if you don't already have it on your computer.

Being able to offer PDF patterns also solves a huge problem for me, one that's prevented me from selling some of the larger designs. I'm only able to print 8 1/2 x 11 sheets on my printer and some patterns are larger than that (this new chicken one, for example, is 8.5" x 12"). For my own use I can print them in sections and tape them together but I can't sell and ship them like that. The customer, having the pdf in hand, can print out a new copy whenever she needs it. And with the option of printing the designs larger or smaller, depending on your project.

So, look for more larger designs soon. In the meantime check out the other great patterns I have for sale. If you like chickens, you'll love #VP103 Poultry Diner!


Susan from The T-Cozy said...

What a darling pattern. You always have the best vintage-inspired designs! Wish I had some embroidery skills.

I wanted to ask your opinion about a package of vintage Betty Burton embroidery transfers I've acquired. There are gobs of different designs; 10 large assorted tissue paper sheets in all. What to do... Should I sell them? Reproduce them? Any ideas?

Unknown said...

Hey Janet! Just popped in to see what you were up to. That is one cute chick pic! Isn't your show coming up? Mine first big one is Sat.(shudder{:I) I am getting nervous. I've done whole stage shows for flowers and commentated to boot at huge garden shows, but this craft thing....is nerve racking for me.
Good luck at yours have fun.

janet said...

Yes, it's this Saturday. Can't believe the time passed so quickly! I'm just about ready - have to finish embroidering some towels and figure out a sign (may not be able to hang anything). Hopefully I'll be set up early and have time to take photos before the show opens.

Susan, I'll email you. I believe the Burton patterns are from the 30s so are probably fairly valuable and also out of copyright.