slightly torrid

That's a quote from "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House", one of my favorite movies ever. Myrna Loy plays wife to ad man Cary Grant and when they finally move into that dream house, their daughter accidentally discovers her mother's diary from college in one of the boxes. She reads it and declares it "slightly torrid." The movie is full of funny lines in the style of dry humor that I particularly like, but you can rent it and see for yourself.

The point of this is that "slightly torrid" is a good way to describe a new embroidery pattern that I've just listed. The originals are a set of pillowcases from the early 1960s with ready-for-bed kitties perched on crescent moons surrounded by stars to depict the night sky.


The male, dressed in a night shirt and cap, holds a candle and the word "Able" is spelled out above his head. The female, looking very come-hither in an off-the-shoulder nightgown, rose, and cigarette holder has the word "Willing". Cute and silly and just a little risque—at least it was at that time.


I've wanted to trace this pattern for years but I only had the female pillowcase. I made a pillow from it and foolishly didn't make a scan of the piece before embroidering it. Then I found the male pillowcase but it was poorly embroidered. I can sometimes trace a pattern from a finished piece but it's more difficult. I started but wasn't happy with how it was coming along.

sexy kitty pillow

Last month I found the complete set—not yet started and with the original printed instructions. Yay! So here they are. The pattern, called Bedtime Cats, is available as a PDF or printed pattern. Also just listed is Lovely Lilacs, a pattern with a selection of lilac sprays for use on towels and a tablecloth/napkin set.

I'll make pillows again from the originals and now you can, too. Won't they look great in a vintage-style bedroom?


annasoc said...

Janet, I am so happy you did these. I am making them. They would look great in my bedroom.
Anna S.

janet said...

Anna, did you get my email? I want to send you a copy of this pattern but need to know if you'd prefer a pdf or mailed version. I may have an old email address for you.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh, these are so cute...and funny.

And I love that movie, too.

Kimberly :-)

TexasDeb said...

What fun - slightly torrid, indeed. I am guessing the originals would have appeared, one each, on a set of double beds...at least in films.

Martha said...

Such adorable transfers -- thanks so much for sharing -- I love them! Also, I must say that "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse" is one of my all-time favorite movies. We are just in the process of finishing up a complete kitchen remodel, and I am constantly reminded of that wonderful film