C is for...

Cats, of course! I love all kinds of embroidery but I always seem to be drawn to ones with cats and kittens. Yes, they're kind of sweet, but cats are very playful so lend themselves to all sorts of situations. Playing with yarn, jumping rope, fishing in goldfish bowls—you get the picture. Here are some things from my collection:

Embroidered quilt block

row your teacup
Vintage stamped-for-embroidery tea towel

Redwork quilt block

portrait of a cat
Embroidered linen guest towel

jump for joy
Embroidered pillowcase

oh, boy
Another tea towel; made into a pillow I called "Let's Hear it for the Boy"

Mom, we're trying to sleep here...
Wait a minute—we're not vintage!

I had to sneak in a picture of my girls. See why I love cats so much?

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Carole said...

Oh, love your kitty items! And your sweet babies too!

Debbi said...

what a surpise at the end with the "real" kitties! I had to chuckle!
Love your vintage embroidery too:)

Karen said...

I love cats and the embroidery is so dear!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Brilliant...we love our cats around here and to combine it with vintage embroidery made this a perfect C choice.
♥, Susan

Rachel said...

Very cute - though I think the real ones are the stars!

A&J's Flower Press said...

Those darn cats!! They're just too 'c'ute. Your two girls are too.
Don't know if I mentioned before We know have 6. Shadow, the Norwegian Elkhound,(dog) has claimed them. They were thrown in our yard last June not over a week old. There were 9, but we lost 3. Our vet says it's 2 different litters. Russian Blues and Am Short-Haired. I have never had cats before..sorry dogs all the way, but this is a definatley learning thing. Cats are a little different than dogs. Shadow is told something and boom done....tell kittens and they look at you like ....'Ya right, busy here'. Hopefully the longer they're around Shadow the more doggified? Any suggestions?

Char said...

That's a great collection and I love each and every cat. I do however have to say, the real ones are adorable, Char

Stacey said...

Your cats are beautiful.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

So cute!
Love the kitty embroidery and the real ones, too. :-)
I've been trying to take pictures for my vintage "C" "D" items, but its so gray and dreary here, they just aren't turning out. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit brighter.


Chris said...

What adorable kitty items! The embroidery work is just so sweet! Your pet kitties are so cute too.

deb said...

Just lovely. Thank you for sharing, truly enjoyed seeing them

MomWaldsPlace said...

How fun! I love the one you started off with, all curled up with her string. I find it charming even after coming home to my newest yarn woven between every chair and table leg in the kitchen.

Never, ever lose your sense of humor!

janet said...

Suggestions for raising cats? Oh, boy :)

Cats are not like dogs. Sometimes, if there's a dog around, they might become more dog-like, but I wouldn't count on it. Especially with so many cats—they'll hang with each other, not the dog.

I've gotten my cats to come when they're called and respond to some words—like treats (that means snack time) and porch (want to go out on the porch?) and birds (nice birds outside the window) but they do things in their own time. You just have to let them be what they want to be :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the insight Janet. Poor Shadow. These kittens follow him around everywhere he goes. Sometimes the poor guy looks at me like MMMOOOOmmmmm they're touchin me!! When He goes in the half bath I know he's trying to get away.
You sure are right about em doing in their own time. They do not come when called still working on that. They never have eaten out of my hand either. They do know thier names. They look when called. Just look.hehe.
By the by that garbled name is A&J's Flower Press aka me Melody

Beertje Zonn said...

Love your kitty items!
bear regards,

Beertje Zonn

Erynne said...

I love your blog and am hoping to get enough crafts together to participate in one of the Crafty by Nature events this summer. Please visit my blog for a little bit of sunshine I am sending your way! Have a great Monday!

Andrea said...

Cats are the best! My grandmother was a talented crewel artist and probably did more cats than anything else. Her Siamese cat pillow design was a huge seller for Elsa Williams in the 1960s. We still see it on eBay sometimes.

If you want to check out the blog where I showcase her designs, you'll see many cats, including the famous pillow kit. The url is http://helenmarble.wordpress.com/

Term Papers said...

i really love cats too.... thanks for this sweet blog.