a frustrating day

Thanks, everyone, for leaving thoughtful and supportive comments on my last post. It's nice to know that my peeps have my back :)

The one thing you can say about living in a democracy is that not everyone is going to be happy with what results. You may be against health care reform. I may not be happy about my tax dollars going to fund unnecessary wars. That's the way it goes. The fact that we can speak out and express our opinions means a lot.

Coming out (so to speak) has been freeing and I was interested that some commenters would be more likely to support me based on my views. So, I guess it goes both ways.

But, back to what you're really here for. I had the most awful sewing day yesterday. I'm working on those new products I mentioned and I'm quilting a layer of patchwork fabric over two layers of felt—so lots of fabric. Everything was fine until I put a new needle in my machine and started a new spool of thread. Then things went to hell very quickly. The stitches went wonky, the thread snagged, the needle broke—three times! I finally gave up and switched to my newer Bernette. The problem with that is the foot is too wide. You see, on my old Singer the pressure foot is exactly 1/8" on the right side and makes a perfect guide to topstitch 1/8" from the seam. The Bernette is twice as wide and there's no good way to line it up properly. So I'm having to draw a sewing line with fading marker and it's taking me way too long.

I don't know if the problems can be attributed to the needle (maybe I need a heavier one), the new (but same as I always use) thread, or the fact that I used a less expensive felt. My prototype used wool felt inside because I had a piece lying around. The felt I bought the other day (besides being less expensive) is obviously different—it slips and slides easily and just isn't as nice to work with. But will wool felt make this product too expensive to produce? What to do, what to do? See, designing products isn't so easy after all!

I know you're all trying to guess what I'm making and I'll give you two clues. They're almost always square and you use them in the kitchen :)


sewmuchfun4 said...

Sorry about the bad sewing day. Those are yuck!

I am not familiar with the features on the Bernette. I have a 14 year old Bernina 1080 though. When I want to stitch close to an edge, I use the #10 presser foot which has a fabric guide smack done its middle. I also set my needle position to the left or right, depending on which way I am sending my fabric through. It makes topstitching really easy.

Hope today is smooth stitching!

:) Ann

Branlaadee said...

Everyday I sew is a bad day. I absolutely hate sewing. Sorry you had to have a bad day with it though. It seems that you love sewing. LOL

Different opinions are what make the world a wonderful place. If I deleted everyone that didnt think like me, I'd be a very sad and lonely person. Instead, I like to learn from different thinkers. Doesnt mean I'll change my mind, but I'll learn something new.

Quilts and Cats said...

Have you tried using a quilting needle? And would it be possible to use flannel instead of the felt?

Unknown said...

Boy Oh Boy...I miss 3 days of blogland strolling to your door and I miss a whole lot!!! You have a bad sewing day! Impossible. don't let those people get to ya. Holy cow just let those who are over opinionated, puffed up over thier own views step back and take a breath!!
I'll let ya in on something..you may delete me..lol---hope not cause I really have a friend here......
I like the Fence myself. You can sit atop it and look on both sides..above all the dust...all the noise..and see a situation a little clearer. Somewhere between what one side or the other is sayin is a solution. I get some feedback on this stand, but in the end I seem to make more informed decisions this way...and..I agree with Branlaadee differences make the US what it is..we agree to disagree..we all have a middle ground. Most things aren't black and white. We learn alot from each other.
As for the religion and kids thing...that's personal that to me is like walking up to someone and asking what they weigh..for me a weighty question, but ya just don't do it.
There is one thing I've learned it doesn't matter what opinions are ..most human's haven't got the sense God gave a goose.
Now as for the sewing needle....get a bigger needle. I've been trying to figure out some layering ideas for appliques..same thing happened. Bigger is better.
Boy, I really hope you don't delete me.

janet said...

Melody, I'm not deleting anybody! I usually don't add a blog to my must-read list unless I'm sure anyway. And I'm actually on the fence about a lot of things myself. Personally, when it comes to money and financial issues I'm actually pretty conservative.

Thanks everyone for the advice on my sewing problem. It very likely is the needle and I'll pick up some heavier ones next time I'm at the store.

I think I'd rather keep using the felt because flannel is just too thin and soft for this purpose, and interfacing is too thin as well. Maybe I can use one of my 50% off coupons on the wool felt - that should help a little on the cost!

JZ in VA said...

Hey Janet, I love your blog. I have read your blog going on four years now, long enough to know yours and my political views don't always match up. But my enjoyment of our shared interest in embroidery keeps me coming back.
I stayed away for a spell after I read that you hate Republicans. I am not too fond of some of the ones in our legislative branch either but I was taught that the word hate was taboo. I think there is some wisdom in that. Since my political affiliation is Republican that did hurt a little.
There, now we are both out. Love, Jill

janet said...

Of course I don't hate Republicans - well, maybe a few individual ones :)

I was actually reacting to something more local at the time (and should have explained it better but didn't). I did go back and change it later after my anonymous commenter went on a mini-rant about health care reform, which had nothing to do with anything but seemed like a good idea.

I agree with you that hate is a strong word and I should have kept my answer light and funny in keeping with the rest of my answers. I could have said lima beans, for example. Most people hate those. But no offense if you do like them :)

Rachel said...

My mother and I have both noticed that sewing machine needles seem to break more often than they did twenty years ago - maybe the manufacturers are changing their methods or the alloy they use..