p is for peony . . . and poppy

The garden is just exploding with flowers. Everything seems to be blooming early this year and very abundantly, too.

Pink peonies, which were tightly closed buds yesterday, were in full flower today (it was warm last night and that may have helped).

poppy closeup
The inside of a perennial poppy. The pollen coating the stamens is purplish-black in color—it looks like velvet.

closed poppy
A unopened poppy with the petals tightly furled inside. I bought this variety last year and it didn't get a chance to flower so I'm not sure what it's going to look like. Pink for sure but it looks like a darker raspberry color at the base. Can't wait to see it . . . maybe tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Hi Janet! Your garden is popping out all over. The flowers are beautiful.

Rachel said...

Such gorgeously vibrant colours!

gwen said...

those pink peonies are GORGEOUS. what a color combo!

dallas website design said...

Awesome flowers ...

Unknown said...

Hey Janet! Just popped in to see if everything's okay? Hadn't heard from ya in a while.