Holiday Apron

When I heard that the November/December Tie One On apron challenge was a holiday-themed one, I got my idea right away. And I even started it, completing the base apron over the next couple of days. Then I got busy with holiday orders and custom jobs and the holidays themselves. Christmas came and went. I finally finished yesterday, just under the wire. Here's the completed apron:

The base is a very simple waist-tie apron from a vintage 1966 McCall's pattern done in red and white striped vintage cotton. I sewed a yellow felt star onto the waistband using a blanket stitch and embroidery thread:

Then I placed rows and rows of vintage green brush fringe in slightly longer lengths as I moved down the front. Voila - a tree! I had bought a bag of this fringe last summer at a barn sale for $2. I had no idea what I'd use it for - just that it was cool looking. At first I tried sewing these directly onto the apron but the fringe kept slipping and I couldn't get them straight. I got the idea to "baste" them with fabric glue and that held them in place perfectly until I could sew them down.

And what's a Christmas tree without embellishment? So, I added some red ribbon-tied jingle bells and vintage button "ornaments". A bit gaudy perhaps (at least for my taste) but, as with most Christmas trees, the more the merrier!

I was worried that all of this wouldn't lie flat when worn and you wouldn't get the full effect of a tree, but the whole thing is surprisingly heavy and the weight seems to pull it down and hold it flat. And the best part is that it jingles when you walk! My cats, who love interesting noises, came running into the room to see what I was up to :)

Next challenge is to make an apron from an item of clothing. Since I'm not working a full-time job anymore and can (gasp!) work in my pjs, I have all sorts of dresses and skirts that aren't being used. Time to check the closets. Organizing them isn't a bad idea for a New Year's resolution either.

Edited to add a link to the gallery, which wasn't up when I posted earlier today. As usual, great designs!