summer's going fast

You're probably wondering why I haven't reported back about my flea market trip last month. It's because the day was a huge disappointment and I hate even thinking about it. I budgeted a certain amount for the trip and barely spent any of it. Maybe it's because this textile-linen-button theme market always falls over the July 4th weekend. There were very few vendors (really, who wants to sit all day over a holiday weekend when you could be swimming or picnicking or barbecuing) and most of my favorite sellers were not there. I may even skip it next year (and I've gone about 5 years in a row now).

My best find of the day was a length of vintage (40s?) rayon fabric for $2. Aren't the colors great? Rayon isn't something I use in my work but there's enough to make a pretty blouse from it.

vintage 40s rayon

The day wasn't a complete waste because I got to visit my friends at Hello Bluebird and Tea Street Vintage in West Reading. And I delivered a new batch of covered notebooks and sachet stacks.

In other news I've been busy with the new local shop, working on Thursdays and sewing like mad to keep my space fully stocked. And then there's the garden and things around the house. You know how it is in the summer—and boy is it going fast this year! Anyway, in spite of the fact that I haven't been posting much, I'm still here :)