Yes, we have bananas

Here's my apron for this month's Tie One On apron challenge. Our mission was to create an apron for a doll or stuffed animal.

First, some background. This little guy is a Mac Monkey. Originally purchased at the dollar store as decorations for an animal-themed party, he and his siblings were later distributed to all the Macintosh computer operators on staff (art and production people). I should explain the joke. One of our boss' favorite sayings was that "any monkey off the street could do our jobs", meaning that we were expendable. At least he thought so—we knew better. So, after the party we all became official Mac monkeys with our own personal mascots. When I left that job he came with me and now sits perched on the shelf above my computer. Reminding me of what I left behind. I'm still a part-time Mac monkey but I get more bananas now :)

Since he's also the only doll or stuffed animal in my house, he became my muse for this project. My friend Jennifer at Textile Fetish pointed me to some great (and very appropriate) fabric - Funky Monkey by Max&Nobie for Moda, which I was able to find on Ebay. I used the red with yellow bananas for the apron base and the coordinating red and brown polkadot on white for the top and bottom bands and ties.

A very simple style that ties at the neck and waist (actually I miscalculated slightly and it ties around his butt—but you can't see that in the pictures)

I photographed him at work with his new apron, which he's liking very much. I suppose he doesn't really need an apron for this kind of work, but I told him I'd kill him if he got any more banana on the keyboard.

Now, if I can only get him to stop downloading banana recipes ;)

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