Eat your carrots...

I thought I’d show off a recent Ebay purchase and new embroidery project today. It’s a matching set with a baby bib and highchair tray cloth from the 1930s. At least, I think it’s 1930s. Designs from that time period tend to be less cute and sweet than later designs.

I just love the design of the carrots – a simple elongated triangle.

When I’ve finished the embroidery I’m going to back them both with an allover carrot print cotton and add some binding – probably orange. Maybe a thin layer of batting or flannel to soften them up a bit, too.

I also bought a set of four Colortex quilt blocks from the same seller. I’m going to use them for a set of pillows, although I haven’t decided if they’ll all use the same fabrics. Maybe that’s too matchy-matchy. And it might limit my color choices. Hmmm.

There’s also a girl puppy knitting, a girl kitty playing with a spool of ribbon, and a boy bear tooting a horn. These are from the 1950s—see the difference—much sweeter. Now to find some time to work on these.


Rhainnon said...

I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

What kind of thread are you embroidering with? Regular embroidery floss? Two strands? Or are you using craft thread?

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Great ebay scores, I love ,love, love vintage prints, the carrots are lovely! And the tray cloth...i wonder if thats for easier clean -up?

janet said...

Cathy, I'm using 3 strands of regular DMC embroidery floss. I like to use it a bit thicker than recommended, especially on the coarser cotton backgrounds. Plus the stamping is very dark on this and I want to be sure it's covered even if it doesn't wash out completely. My digital camera seems to pick up every little detail - in the photo it almost looks like wool. It isn't :)

Angie, I think it must be to keep the tray surface clean. But really, wouldn't it be easier to wipe the tray than to get food stains out of this. Maybe babies were cleaner back in the 30s - hah!

tlchang said...

Love the bunny-carrot-bib! How cool is it that spending time trolling ebay for your favorite kinds of things is part of your job! I love that even more! :-)