Eye Candy...the printed variety

When my friend Deborah at ChicCosas mentioned the new magazine Adorn and how nicely designed it was, I ran right down to Borders to check it out. And she’s right, it is. And, true to its tagline “the crafty girl’s guide to embellishing life” it’s full of fun ideas. Like embroidering Chinese slippers (I love Chinese slippers and will definitely do this), painting on china, and sewing with eyelet trims. I especially liked the article about shopping for vintage stuff called “Secondhand Style.”

And, because it was Borders and I couldn’t resist, I didn’t stop at just one. I also picked up the premiere issue of JunkMarket Style, which features Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer who you may recognize from Country Living magazine or from their books about turning junk into treasures. I sometimes find their ideas a bit silly, but there are lots of great tips here. And a great article about a junking trip they took in and around Los Angeles.

I also found the new issue of Quilts and More with instructions for a cute patchwork tote bag, a strip quilt that will be a great way to use up small scraps, and a patchwork dog bed. How fun!

The fourth magazine, Marie Claire Idees came in the mail today from my friend Alex at Blossom Boutique. When I visited her a couple of weeks ago she had a copy and was nice enough to send me one when I couldn’t find it near where I live. This is a French magazine and I can only pick out a word here and there thanks to my one semester of French in college. But no matter. The photos are beautiful and, if I can’t figure out the instructions, I’ll find someone who can translate for me.

In case you couldn’t tell, I have a thing for magazines. Not so surprising when I tell you that magazine design is something I do in my other life. I’ve designed kids magazines, agricultural trade magazines (yawn), and some health and medical-related ones, too. Nothing as fun as craft magazines—unfortunately. But I do appreciate a good-looking magazine. If you have any favorites, dear readers, please do share.


tlchang said...

My latest fun magazine find is "La Vie Claire" (award winner 'Best Design - New Magazine'). One of my students brought a copy to class, and I had to promptly subscribe and buy the back issues. Luckily, it only comes out quarterly!

janelle pietrzak said...

my splurge is selvedge magazine. At $20 an issue it is something I will always hold on to. . but even it weren't I still would! It is about the perfect magazine for me. .mixing textiles, fashion, industry, all in one lovely mag. I usually pick it up at barnes and noble or borders. . .

janet said...

Oh, Selvedge is gorgeous! Although I haven't purchased it yet. I picked it up once, not paying attention to the price. When I realized (standing in line to check out) I nearly died. I didn't buy it. Looks like you can save by subscribing though and I guess I could write it off on taxes as reference :)