Rickrack Redux

Since my first blog post about rickrack I’ve come across a few really nice examples of rickrack combined with crochet. I found the first in a box full of crocheted trims that a friend gave me. See how it’s looped back and caught with the thread to form a flower-like shape. The second is from a cotton bed sheet that I found at an antique store last weekend. Same basic design but with two rows sewn together to form a wide band that runs all along the top of the sheet. Really gorgeous work!

Someone asked me if I was going to cut up the sheet for pillows. Umm, no. Sometimes I find things that are so perfect it would be a shame to alter them in any way. And this sheet is perfect except for a very tiny hole near the bottom. Even though it's that heavy cotton that needs to be ironed, I'm going to use it as it was intended—on my bed!

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carrie s. said...

Wow, that's simply amazing and beautiful. I can't understand how they did it; way beyond my skills, that's for sure. You always find the best stuff...