Button your lip

I found some cool ads for buttons in the vintage women's magazines I bought this summer. Here's a not very politically-correct one for B-G-E Originales:

B-G-E Originales button ad

Doesn't seem like a good way to advertise buttons to women, but what do I know? It was probably very funny in 1951 when this issue of Good Housekeeping was published. The ads for La Mode buttons are much different—very chic and elegant reflecting their Parisian heritage. I think I'll do a little history of the company to go along with them so look for those some time soon.

You won't see many ads for buttons these days; at least not in the major women's magazines. Women in general don't sew any more, and that's also why you won't find many independent sewing and fabric stores. But I do think advertisers are aware of the resurgence in crafts and sewing, and I'm starting to see ads in some of the more specialized sewing magazines. I just wish the buttons were as nice as the vintage ones are!

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