Crocheted Pot Holders

One of my new favorite blogs is the purl bee and she has a great post today about vintage crochet pot holders. I don't collect them but I have this strawberry-shaped one from my grandmother.

strawberry potholder

It's had some use and a few stains that won't soak out, but I love the shape. I've never seen any like this in my travels, either a finished one or a pattern. And I don't know if she crocheted it herself, although it looks like something she would have done. Here's a closeup of the top.

strawberry potholder

The seeds are embroidered with six strands of black floss and the ring at the top is crocheted on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,
Thanks for linking to the purl bee! The link you left on our blog wasn't working so I fixed it. Cute blog by the way! I'll be returning often.

maggiegracecreates said...

My mom has one of these wonderful pot holders. I think she may even have the crochet pattern for it. I had forgotten until I saw this.