at the movies

I'm stuck inside today because of the snow (and if you're expecting a package from me I hope to make it to the post office tomorrow). It's a good day for curling up with warm drinks, fuzzy throws, and sleepy cats. And movie watching. I'm not a big fan of TV and watch only a few shows regularly, but movies are a different story.

I joined Netflix a couple of months ago and I’m still in that orgy of movie watching that probably everyone goes through at first, trying to see how many movies you can squeeze in a months’ time. I love that you have a queue of movies that you can switch around as the mood strikes you, so you always get what you really want to be watching next. And I’m thrilled that they have so many of the small and quirky independent films I love.

I’ve been revisiting some old favorites. Like a very young James Spader in sex, lies, and videotape, the movie that started the whole indie film genre. And Judy Davis in My Brilliant Career, which also features a very young Sam O’Neil, who I forgot was in this movie. I love anything directed by Gillian Armstrong (be sure to see Oscar and Lucinda, one of Cate Blanchett's first films). I love director Peter Weir's films, too, so maybe it's an Australian thing.

I do like British television, though, and right now I’m just starting the second season of the BBC series, The House of Eliott. It's about two fashion-designer sisters—Beatrice (Stella Gonet) and Evie (Louise Lombard) in 1920s London and details their adventures and mishaps as they start their business. Great characters (shady relatives, included), several minor stories woven through the main one, lots of interesting commentary about women's place in society at the time, and gorgeous costumes. What more could you ask for?

After that it's a documentary about Joni Mitchell, and then, who knows? I can't imagine ever running out of movies I want to see.


Reel Fanatic said...

Netflix is indeed like visual crack .. I've had it for a few years now, and I'm still just as addicted .. If I may recommend one British miniseries, the "House of Cards" trilogy with Ian Richardson as the comically malevolent politician Francis Urquhart is just a delight

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's snow, a day off from work, and my Netflix subscription allowed me to watch "Marie Antoinette" twice! Anyone who's a fabric junky will love this film with its sumptous, candy-colord silks floating at the feet of the fair ladies at the court of Versailles. (What a great deal - getting to dress up like a birthday cake every day - with wigs for the icing complete with birdies and bows!) Not to mention the shoes! (the shoes! in their own brocade boxes!) and the plates of pink confections. I wonder if losing her head was really worth all this.

Anonymous said...

If you like British films & BBC shows, surely you've seen Upstairs Downstairs - if not - it's worth the investment to see if beginning to end. It's fabulous.
Also, one of my top 5 faves is Duchess of Duke Street - the woman in that is unbelievable. Just 2 recommendations for now. Hope you enjoy!

The Calico Cat said...

So you haven't got to the point where the intentionally slow down your deliveries? (I have heard that that happens with long time subscribers and new releases...)

Anonymous said...

Oh I am watching House of Elliot on Netflix right now. LOVE IT. I love Jack, he puts up with soo much.

Emma said...

I loved House of Elliott so much when it was on tv.

Kristin Nicholas said...

My Brilliant Career - one of my favorite films of all times. I just made my extended family watch it again. OOOOOOhhhh! Still good.

Have you seen Nanny McPhee? Watch it for the colors, the fabrics, the quilts and the handknits. It is beautiful.

Love your blog.