sewing pins and buttons, oh my!

You know how I have a thing for buttons. Well, look at these colorful and fun bracelets and necklaces made from buttons that I discovered recently.

Jewelry artist Anna Kukuchek graduated from RISD last year along with my friend Pam’s son Keith. I used to work with Pam and helped Keith put together a portfolio last year so we keep in touch sporadically. He emailed me recently to tell me how his new job in Arizona is going and mentioned Anna’s work and that I should check out her Etsy shop. So, I did.

I have a thing for pearls, too, and it's hard to pass up pearl cluster bracelets (or necklaces or earrings for that matter). But I really love what Anna is doing with buttons and sewing pins. Like this bracelet made from sterling silver chain, headpins, and buttons in shades of green—

Button Bracelet, $55, available in other colors, too

And necklaces like this—

Button Necklace, $115

And aren’t these rings made from sewing pins fantastic? Not only do they look really cool (like tiny planets) but the pins move so you can play with them, too.

Kinetic Pin Ring, $35

Anna says she’s fascinated by mathematics, geometry, nature, and color—and that's definitely evident in her work. And she loves to use alternative materials in creating her unique handmade pieces. Sewing pins, anyone?

For now you can find her jewelry in her Etsy shop and at Stars + Infinite Darkness. She’s working on a website (www.annakatejewelry.com), too.


Anjali Designs said...

I love these, they are gorgeous.

Waiyee Chan said...

the kinetic pin ring is lovely! but don't the pins break easily when bent? how did she manage to loop them so perfectly? amazing..