clothes envy

I've been coveting some of the new spring tops at Anthropologie, but knowing that I won't pay $88 for them. I love how they're combining different prints and using button accents—kind of like what I do with my pillows. But really, how hard would it be to make tops like these? And for a fraction of the cost.

And I wonder if people sew their own clothing anymore. I used to when I was a poor college student and needed to supplement my usual wardrobe of my father's army pants, denim overalls with undershirts that I dyed cool colors underneath, and various army/navy/thrift store stuff. Think Annie Hall meets art student. I used to make simple long skirts a lot and even made a dress once. It's been a while but I can do this.

I just wish I knew where to find cool patterns. I found a few Butterick/McCall's/Vogue patterns that can be adapted to what I want, I think. And I certainly have plenty of fabric options already. If anyone has sources for cool patterns, do tell. And, if any of my projects turn out well I'll post pictures.


Anonymous said...

Those tops are great! and most flattering to girls with not-so-flat-stomachs but a nice rack. If you find any suitable patterns, please share!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm afraid to sew my own clothes. I am new enough to sewing that anything that allows my stitches to be viewable to the public and not tucked safely inside a distractingly cute plush figure, scares the bejesus out of me.

Milehimama @ Mama Says said...

Try Simplicity patterns
#3918, or #3956

Don't have a link, sorry!

Mama Says

Stephanie said...

Those tops do look relatively easy to make. I started sewing my own clothes recently and have really really enjoyed it. So far I have made a top and a skirt and I have plans in store for more. I plan on posting pictures on my blog soon.

Have you looked at Simplicity's New Look patterns? I like a lot of their styles.

Mary said...

I see someone beat me to the pattern suggestions ;-)

Lots of people sew, we just keep it quiet. I mean, if everyone knew how easy it can be, and that the fit (the biggest issue for me regarding RTW) could be perfect, and that shopping for fabric is better than therapy, the fabric stores would be sold out!

Anonymous said...

I sew lots, though recently my machine and I have been at war (truce in progress). For some independent designers of cool patterns (not necessarily exactly what you're looking for, but cool patterns nonetheless), try some of these:


Anonymous said...

I always, always look through anthropologie and try to figure out how I could make the clothes. We so could, right?