get thee to Hancock Fabrics

If you have one near you, that is. The company has filed for bankruptcy and is closing hundreds of their stores, including the one that just opened a year ago at a mall near where I live. I think someone posted about this on their blog but I didn't make the connection until I stopped there today and saw their windows plastered with giant store closing signs.

So, yes, everything is on sale and most things for 50% off! I needed to get back here today so I quickly grabbed a basketful of stuff that I knew I'd use, including the fabric I stopped for. You can bet I'll be heading back very soon—like tomorrow perhaps. I have my eye on a professional Rowenta iron (the one with the separate water reservoir). There will never be another opportunity to get one at 30% off! And it's a good chance to stock up on basics, too—like thread and embroidery floss.


Pieces said...

Ack! I hadn't heard about the Chapter 11 status and your post immediately sent me into a spin of "how am I going to work a trip to Hancock into my day?!" But I took the time to look it up and ours isn't closing. Whew--because I don't really have time to go today. But I am jealous of the deals others are finding.

Claire said...

@&%#@^% I just ordered a subscription of their Cutting Edge magazine! I'll have to run to ours and see if they are closing. That makes me so sad!

Anonymous said...

I hate that they're closing. Luckily, mine is one one of them but still...what are sewers (people who sew, not the other thing!) and crafters going to do without dedicated fabric stores?

Anonymous said...

I constantly refer to your Stitch School as I have started to embroider again. Thanks for the great instructions and photos.
As for Hancocks, I just happened to go there looking for floss holders and saw their "Store Closing" signs. I got a lot of pretty buttons and enough floss holders to keep me busy. This store is right next to a Hobby Lobby and also Joann's just opened a new superstore across the street.
Guess the competition is just to tough. Luckily there is another Hancock's close to me.
My favorite quilt and cross stitch store is going out of business,too.
Very sad after 34 years. I always
got inspired when I went there.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I didn't realize it was a company-wide thing- I thought they were closing down ours because of the Super JoAnns up the road.

I scored some good stuff though. :D

Charity Grace said...

Thanks...I'll be checking out my local Hancock's this morning.