happy Easter


This is a vintage Easter card I found at an antique mall yesterday. The top shell is hinged at the corner so it can be closed at first, then opened to reveal the chick inside. Love the art! It's very similar in style to an old embroidery book I have from the 1930s so I'm guessing it's from that era. It was a great shopping day—lots of buttons, pretty trims, and a really spectuacular embroidered towel that I'll show you soon.

Hope you all have a happy Easter!


charlotte said...

happy Easter, Janet...love your card! xoC

Mrs. Hurzeler said...

I have a question about embroidery, I know about the basic stitches..but...I am planning on an embroidery based off of a free print of a chickadee, and I am wondering if a part of the head is black, do I outline it in black? And also when part of the head is white, do I then do that in white? Or do I do it all in black as an outline? Hopefully I didn't confuse you. Thanks