So many people asked about where I buy towels after yesterday's post so I'm going to share my source. There's a great online company called Embroider This and they carry a wide variety of what are called embroidery blanks—everything from baby bibs to hemstitched linen tablecloths. I like the McLeod Tea Towel in white (also available in cream, chambray blue, and with colored stripes). They also have 100% cotton Flour Sack Towels in sets of three, Natural 100% Linen Towels, and Huck Towels with and without hemstitching. All of these have a slightly different texture and weight but work equally well for embroidery.

Their prices are reasonable and you can save even more by buying larger quantities. That may be too many if you just want to make a few towels for your kitchen, but comes in handy if you're making a lot and need to keep your costs down.

While you're there check out some of the other categories. They do sell embroidery supplies but the emphasis is on machine embroidery, something I consider cheating. It's so satisfying to do embroidery by hand and (in my opinion) doesn't take much skill to set up a machine to do it for you. Sure, it's faster, but I think I prefer the slight imperfections in hand done work. You know the person who created it was personally involved in the process.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting this (and everything you post!!) it really helps me with becoming more confident in my creativity. have a good day!! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great site. I'm always looking for things to embroider that don't hang on the wall!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the towel info...I also hand embroider & consider it "cheating" to program a sewing machine...esp. when they use vintage patterns!! I have some vintage hand embroidery & I love to think of the ladies who spent hours stitching after all the housework is done, probably listening to the radio programs on the 30s & 40s. There is history within the handiwork.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for sharing a few of your sources for towels. I'm often asked the same question. Good towels for embroidery are getting harder to find. I've been making my own out of huck toweling and birds-eye cotton (diaper material--very durable!)

Thanks for the plug (below) too. The blueberry ballet towel turned out lovely!!