busy bee

I'm having a hard time keeping up with blogging as you've probably noticed if you stop by on a regular basis. I've been slacking off on Stitch School and not because I've run out of stitches either. I've gotten so incredibly busy with another large graphic design project (an 84-page catalog!) and several wholesale orders for things I don't have in inventory (that figures, right?) Some of my blog friends are taking the month of August off or cutting back for the summer. I promise not to do that but I may be posting less than normal. When you freelance you have to take the work when it comes. I know this winter there will be weeks when I have nothing and I'll have lots of time for blogging then :)

My illustrator friend Rocky was visiting this week from Brooklyn and we worked on her website most of the day Monday and Tuesday. In between watching the broad-winged hawks that live in our woods. The parents appear to be teaching the young one to hunt and the air is filled with the sounds of their calling to one another. When the sun is just coming up they all sit in a tree warming themselves and fluffing their tail feathers. This same pair of hawks nests here every year but this is the first time they've been this close to the house or allowed us to see so much of their daily activity. It's really fascinating and, since Rocky likes birds, the timing was perfect.

I'll be heading up to the Madison-Bouckville Antiques Show later this month (August 18th) and will definitely report on the treasures I find. And I'm planning an extended road trip through CT, MA, and NY for the first week of September, with a stop at the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market (my first time). I'm excited to hit some new places. So, don't worry if I seem to come and go. I have plenty of Stitch School posts left to do and lots of great ideas for things to talk about.


kirsten schueler said...

thank you so much for stitch school. i have been reading your blog for a couple weeks and i love learning new stitches and your tutorials are very easy to follow! thank you, kirsten

Amy said...

Wow! I just found your site today and I am already in love with it! Your stitch school is great! I took one look at one of those posts and immediatley saved you to my favs!I have lots of reading to catch up on!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

It sounds like you have your hands full.
I hope all of you work related stuff goes smoothly. Blogging can wait, we'll still be here.

I have a lot of past posts to catchup on, that should keep me busy. LOL

LOVE love love the 1940s quilt blocks in the post below. Yum.

Kimberly :)