fabulous forties

40s print

These Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt blocks are another find from my recent trip to Magpie. On the shelf they didn't look like much—some of the blocks were missing from the center and some of the fabrics are damaged. But I fell in love with the gorgeous 1940s floral and geometric prints and was able to see past the flaws. All of us who love vintage have that ability, I think.

40s print

I'll take the blocks apart at some point—probably some cold night this winter in front of the television. Part of me feels guilty for watching tv at all—it's such a time-sucking activity—so I like to do something useful while watching.

40s print

Lately I've been watching the new series Mad Men on AMC. Love the costumes (amazing dresses) and atmosphere (cocktails in the office if you can believe that!) And, if you don't get what the big deal is about feminism, watch just to see what things used to be like in the early 60s.


Mrs. Hurzeler said...

Some of those fabrics looked like what my grandma use to wear. Now, keep in mind my grandma was Mennonite but she found some pretty funky dresses. I guess sometimes being poor can cause you to be ahead of your time in fashion! Who knew? :-)

Tammy said...

OH! How fun! As soon as the picture popped up on my screen, I thought of my quilt. About 10 years ago, a friend gave me a quilt top for me to quilt. Ten years later, I'm still in the process (ha!)

Anyhow, here are some pictures of my quilt, if you're interested:

ONE of these days, I'll get it finished! *Smiles*

~Shelia said...

LOL! When your blog loaded onto my computer screen the first thing I thought was, "Hey, someone took a picture of one of my quilts!" And then I paid closer attention and actually read your post. Funny thing is, that my grandmother must have made the majority of the quilts I have with very similar fabric to what you posted about. I smile every time I see the pictures in this post, and still think you are showing my much loved quilt! Thanks for bringing up such great feelings!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog through a link on Turkey Feathers. The prints are really lovely, what a great find, nice catch!