Road Trip: Shupp's Grove Flea Market

Each weekend, the Shupp's Grove Flea Market in Adamstown, PA has a theme weekend. Sellers have the option of bringing things to fit that theme knowing that there will be buyers looking specifiically for those things. For the three years I've been going to this, I've always gone on the Textiles-Linens-Buttons weekend. No surprise there, right?

That's next weekend. This year we decided to try one of their 3 day extravanganza weekends and I'm happy to report that from my perspective it wasn't much different. The same booths I like to shop at were there and the same things I like to buy were there. So I had a good day.

I always look for buttons and I found some great ones (look for them on my web site soon). I got lots of aprons (one with an unusual use of rickrack that I'll show you in a future post) and a couple with chicken scratch embroidery (still another post). The handkerchief lady was there and I bought a bunch with pretty crocheted edgings in bright colors. I'll layer these under all those print hankies I got this spring.

handkerchief edgings

For myself (as opposed to for-the-business purchases) I got a white painted vintage step stool ($25) and two vintage painted folding chairs ($8 each). And my husband surprised me with a vintage painted shelf that he'd found while browsing ahead of me. I think he's starting to "get" what I like :)

The best find of the day? This quilt top (for $25) with what I think may be 1930s fabrics.

quilt top

I love the brightly colored prints that were used on the edges and inner borders—they're actually three colorways of the same fabric.

quilt closeup

I'll have another road trip post in a few days. We're heading to Lambertville, NJ tomorrow and who knows what treasures we'll find there!


Anonymous said...

You always have the best finds! We have no good flea markets here, just people who like vintage gambling stuff. I adore that red hankie, and the quilt top, what a deal!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness...I can't believe you got that quilt top for only $25!! That is great!!

deb said...

Ooh, that is a find! Love the little hankies too.

Mary Anne said...

WOW ! What a good haul !!! I'm going to have to see how far that would be for me to get to -- I live in Jim Thorpe,Pa -- I'd love to go this coming weekend for the textile, linens, and buttons vendors!!!

weirdbunny said...

Stunning fabrics on the quilt - what a find - love Julia x

Anonymous said...

The quilt & the hankies are so pretty...great finds. I definitely live in the wrong part of the country.