sunday morning

We’re up bright and early this morning and it’s cold! After checking out of our motel we head back down Route 7 for a couple of miles to the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market. This market takes place every Sunday in a big open field and can have up to 300 dealers. Since Brimfield starts later this week many of the dealers who are normally here are already there. Still, there are at least 100 dealers and plenty to see.

Had I been looking for furniture and been able to fit it into my car (not!) I would have bought more things. Like the pink dressing table (far left) with side mirror panels that fold in.


But I find some nice linens, including this pillowcase embroidered with daisies and a little girls dress, which is torn but has the greatest fabric (little black and red flies).


I also score some buttons, vintage trims, and a quilt with pretty pink fabrics from the 40s. It's backed with an awful 1950s fabric and I'm not liking those little puffball things so I'll probably take it apart and rework it a bit. I'm going to use it in one of my bedrooms, which is painted the exact same green as that flower in the second row from the bottom right corner.

We spend a couple of hours at the market, then head north on Route 7. I live in Pennysylvania which is a pretty large state and it amazes me how small some of the New England states are—we're in Massachusetts within an hour! We make two stops along the way to our final destination—one involving lunch and the other involving antiquing (lots of cool unusual things). I'll write about both tomorrow.

Elephant's Trunk Country Flea Market, Route 7, New Milford, CT (7 miles north of Danbury)


Netter said...

OMG...I'm totally going there next Sunday. I've wanted to go for a while and finally got a group of gals together. I'm in search of anything pink..especially Pyrex refrigerator dishes and the pink mayfair/open rose pattern depression glass...oh and I need some skeleton keys for a Christmas ornament project I have dreamed up. I need old hankies for a project too. I'm so glad I came across your site...it was fate. Did you go early and pay the $20. or did you wait until 7AM and pay $2.00?

janet said...

We got there around 8am and paid $1 admission. I usually don't pay extra to get in early to flea markets. Do I miss great stuff that way? Probably, but there are still plenty of treasures to be had and the later in the day you go the better bargains you can get. Dealers would rather not haul things home :)

I know I saw old keys and hankies so I'm sure you'll find something great!

sarainitaly said...

I love that pink vanity!!! I used to have a cream one like it, but PINK! Do you think they ship to Italy? hheh

Aki said...

Are there french countryish/rustic furniture at elephant's trunk?

Anonymous said...

are there french country/shabby chic furniture, specifically bookcases there?

janet said...

I didn't notice any french country furniture but wasn't really looking for it so there may have been. And this was my first trip here so I can't say for sure that they don't. As with most flea markets, what you find will vary from week to week depending on which vendors decide to sell that week.

And, American Girl in Italy, I'm sure they do ship overseas but it may cost ten times what you paid for the furntire :)