tea for two

Vacation was so relaxing that I’m having a hard time returning to normal. I got back late on Tuesday afternoon to a full email box with notes about design projects and shops inquiring about wholesale and proofs for a magazine ad I’ll be doing. Much craziness. But the fact that I can’t just snap back tells me that the trip did it’s work. I needed some R&R and that’s exactly what I got!

We left on Saturday morning and drove clear across New York state into Connecticut. Three hours later we arrived in Darien and only got slightly lost trying to find T-Party Antiques and Tea Room, which is tucked back behind the main street. We have a reservation for their Petite Tea at 3pm and we’re a little early. I’m also delivering a few more pillows and some tissue cozies for the shop and I wanted to leave plenty of time for that. We find owner Cynthia back in the kitchen preparing for the next seating. I hadn’t met her before but she was very friendly and we felt at home within minutes. Co-owner Susan popped in a few minutes later to welcome us and gave us the grand tour.

The shop is so cute as you can see by these photos (more photos here) and the tea was wonderful, too. You choose your tea from a list and it comes to your table in it’s own little beehive teapot (for sale in the shop and we bought one to take home) along with a tiered tray of tiny desserts, all homemade. Remember those little brownie bites whose recipe appeared on their blog a few months ago? Well, they’re every bit as good as they look!

After things quieted down we explored the shop, chatted some more (we felt like old friends by then), and bought a few things before we headed out for the next leg of our journey. An hour or so later we were in New Milford where we spent the night. Both the place we stayed (a motel) and the dinner we ate (overambitious food combinations) were nothing special so I won’t discuss details. But the town itself was cute and, if we go back, there are better alternatives for eating and sleeping.

Next day (and next blog post)…Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market! For another blog post about our visit, go here.

T-Party Antiques and Tea Room, 2 Squab Lane, Darien, CT 06820 (203) 662-9689


Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Hi Janet,
Welcome home! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your husband. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your weekend.
Warm regards,

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your trip was so full of adventure but left you feeling relaxed as well. I've been reading T Party's blog and it's fun to hear about it from someone who's been there.