first snow

Just enough to dust the leaves of the rhodedendrons with white...

first snow

Aha, but here's what the five inches that fell later and during the night looks like...


Now I wonder if I'll be getting to the post office today after all :)


Mirela Popovici said...

Thanks for the snow pics!

I have not seen snow in 4 years, except in pictures and movies.

VA Boutique said...

Oh my, I absolutely love love love snow, I wish we had snow here although I don't think it is too far away, all day yesterday I could smell it in the air and some parts of the UK have had it already this week!
Thank you for the lovely pictures
love Alison x

Camilla said...

Lovely snow pictures.

Ps I tagged you over on my blog round about here

Anonymous said...

Ooo, how pretty! Too bad it's 70 over here.