I mentioned in passing a while back that I'd purchased an ad in a major magazine's winter issue. It was Adorn and it's out on the newstands now! I've been adding lots of vintage buttons and trims in anticipation of heavier web traffic from the crafty girls who read this magazine. And a special welcome if you're one of them!

I've recently added a smallish section for vintage sewing patterns on my website and will likely be expanding that soon. I kept finding cool patterns in my travels this summer and last weekend at a local antique mall I scored an entire box of 1960s patterns—at least 100 of them and all in perfect condition! I may end up selling them on Ebay but I'll announce that here if I do.

I've been spending some time cleaning up my studio and reorganizing my fabrics. With that flurry of sewing and orders recently it got to be quite messy. When I can't find things I know it's time :)

After that, who knows? I have some ideas to test out for new products. And I may still get a few more custom orders for the holidays. I can't believe how quickly that's approaching!

Don't forget Project Runway: Season 4 starts tonight—Bravo, 10pm!


Anonymous said...

I can't find a link to your shop! Do you have one?

janet said...

There's a link over in the sidebar to the right under SHOP and you can also get to it by viewing my profile. Or better yet, go to www.primrosedesign.com

Camilla said...

Hey Janet- how would you feel about being my 'Adorn' supplier again? They still don't sell subscriptions to the UK so i've missed out on lots of issues, would love to get my hands on this one. I can paypal you again, or trade for something from here that you'd like?

Anonymous said...

I just bought a 60s pattern from eBay this week...I do hope you list them & let us know. Since I have a special needs girl I need to sew her a zipper in the back jumper type thing...they don't make patterns like that anymore, but I knew I used to wear things like that myself back then. I finally found one that might work, I hope. What she wears now is something my MIL concocted...although it works, it just looks so boxy & uniformish. So, I am gonna atempt it.

janet said...

Tammyca, if you email me the size pattern you're looking for, I'll check to see if I've got anything with a back zipper. We can do a private deal, which will save me the trouble of listing it elsewhere.

I remember those back-zipper jumpers! I think I made one in sewing class back in the day. And it was a wild purple and orange print which will likely be a clue to what that date was :)