baby quilt progress

I spoke to the recipient of this quilt yesterday and she checks here frequently on my progress, so this post is partly for her and partly for the readers who are also checking up on me. Yes, I've been slacking but I'm back on it now :)

The due date has been updated to three weeks from now so I'm not going to make it in time anyway. That's OK. I'll deliver it in person as planned (only a bit later) but will actually get to meet the real recipient—the baby!

The quilt top is just big enough now that it's getting hard to photograph. I tacked it up on the doors of the armoire in my studio but I still couldn't show the bottom row. You'll have to imagine that.

baby quilt

All I have left to finish the top is an outer border of the stripe all around. The back will be entirely the brown polkadot fabric (at least I think so) and will either form a self-binding with a bit of the back brought to the front or the binding being a separate piece. Probably the latter as that will give me a few more inches of width. I'm trying to use the width of the fabric (45") without piecing.

My first picture is a little blurry. Here's a clearer closeup that shows all of the fabrics and the fawn block.

baby quilt close up

Still thinking about options for the quilting of the layers, although I bought some brown thread that I'll probably use. That's getting ahead of myself. First step is getting the top done!


Beth said...

Lovely fabric choices! It looks so modern, but vintage at the same time!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely baby quilt! I can't wait to see the finished work.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow. You've more patience....
It is turning out beautifully. The colors are great for a baby, but can go into toddler as a throw and would be a great wall hanging. What a great heirloom peice!

Susan J Barker said...

I love this little quilt, I have been collecting embroidery designs for years, perhaps it is time to incorporate some of them into a quilt...