black friday

I'm really not into the whole concept of Black Friday—wake up way too early to drive to the mall to fight for a parking space to fight crowds inside to wait in line at the checkout to get bargains that probably will get better as it gets closer to the holiday. Not my idea of a good time. I sometimes get claustrophobic in crowds and I definitely get impatient waiting in lines. Unless it's antiquing I'm not even that into shopping. So, today you'll find me at home working—and eating turkey sandwiches ;)


Anonymous said...

Amen! I'm with you. We've had our flower shop for 36 years and every Thnx holiday weekend we close. Going for short rides antiquing or just site-seeing on the backroads. I bet where you are there are a lot of scenic by-ways? This year our local rec center is having a craft show Sat. So.. here I am this morning trying to load up boxes to take. Set-up is at 6A!
Have a nice relaxing day.

Anonymous said...

mall is definitely a four-letter word :) I agree with you 100%!!