more buttons

Wow, February already! At least that means that winter will be over faster :)

I've been keeping track of my camera's progress—it's been received and they're working on it—so I should have it back soon. I was going through withdrawal but then I stopped worrying about it. I had taken a bunch of pictures before it left and I've been processing those. And working on new items—lots of sachets coming soon!

I would love to show pictures of the buttons I purchased last week because they truly are spectacular. They were from the estate of a seamstress in Albuquerque and she had wonderful taste in buttons. They're all in near mint condition and many are in very large sets. I often have people on my website try to order several sets of buttons (they haven't read the fine print) and I just don't have more. Now I'll be able to offer some options. I know what it's like to find vintage buttons that you really love but there are six and you need eight—or whatever. Some of the buttons are the same style but different sizes so there will be that option as well. There are slightly more than 1300 individual buttons, most on cards, so it's going to be a very big job getting them all ready!

VB779bIn the meantime, I've added about 50 new plastic button listings to my site. I know some of you who bought buttons last month were wondering when I'd have more. I do! Since I hate posts without pictures, here's a closeup of a pretty gold plastic button with a green jewel in the center (1950s-60, one card of six available).


Unknown said...

Hope you weren't caught in the snow too long last week. Hopefully Spring is not too far away. Can't wait to see the new buttons.

Lou said...

WOW - that would be heaps of fun for a vintage lover and button person. Sounds great.

Sampoorna said...

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janet said...

I hesitate to give advice about payment processors because only you know what's best for your business. I've been a member of Paypal for more than five years and have never had a problem; other people have (visit paypalsucks.com). About half my customers pay with Paypal and I love their click-and-ship for online postage. Keep in mind that I'm in the U.S. and I have no idea how it works for other countries.

Julie said...

I saw a tree full of robins today. Unbelievable since it is about 12 degrees out. I hope it means spring is near.