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I did an interview a few weeks ago with a writer from HomeStyle, a bimonthly syndicated publication of a company called Content That Works. They provide lifestyle/special interest content (in this case, home-related) to more than 500 newspapers and media outlets (radios stations, Web sites, independent local publications/magazines, etc.) throughout North America.

Thanks to my weekly Google Alerts email (a great way to keep track of your company on the internet by the way), I discovered that the article ran in the Evansville (Indiana) Courier & Press last week. It's about mixing vintage linens from the past with modern pieces from the present, and the author used several of my quotes and a couple of my photos, too. You can read it online here.

Since the content just came out, it's possible that the article may get picked up by other newspapers over the next month or so. I'll be watching my alerts carefully :)


Anonymous said...

What a nice article. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! A neat article!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,
I just received my heart sachet and it's beautiful! I love what you do with vintage materials. So nice to receive something from "back home", as I'm originally from western PA - north of Pittsburgh.

Lizzie said...

I found your blog a few days ago while looking for instructions on the blanket stitch, and i've been completely drawn into the tutorial series you've done! I've never embroidered anything, but these me want to sit down and try every single stitch out. :) Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do, especially since you do it so very well.